2001-06-11 2:16 p.m.

Random catch-up thoughts

Wow, I just looked and I haven't updated in the month of June. Time does fly by in the summertime no matter how young or old you are.

The job situation is still in flux and its uncertainty is one thing that has kept me from writing. I keep feeling like I'll write when I have good news to report. Not a lot to report today but still in the holding pattern. I've worked several shifts at the new station (and if you know the state nickname, you know the station) and I'm to talk to the boss this week. I'm enough of a believer of things being bad when Mercury is in retrograde that I'm wary of agreeing to anything right now.

Last weekend my nephews came down from Dallas and spent the weekend. They are so fun. They are so easy to live with. They are no longer the slobs they once were and I really enjoyed talking to them and discussing things. They have a great sense of humor and are just fun people. I was sorry to see them have to go home. The only downside while they were here is that I did have to work some, but they enjoyed being home without me. They played on the computer and watched TV and played with the dogs.

Mark made it home from the eastern US tour. They were due back in Austin late Tuesday night but got caught in the storm called Allison in Houston. They were creeping across I-10 with water up around their tires and the van stalled out on the interstate. Fortunately, a highway patrol and tow truck came along quickly and got them off the freeway. They ended up spending the night in a Holiday Inn and they were all bummed because their trip was interrupted. After all the news this week of the devastation and death I am very relieved they weren't drowned in a ditch or just have to spend the night in the van. It could have been very bad.

Saturday night I had a really fun South Austin experience. I worked all Saturday afternoon and came home with a long list of projects in and around the house. I started by cleaning out the garden, pulling weeds and trimming roses. My neighbor Katie from across the street walked over to visit so we sat down to talk. I offered a glass of wine and she accepted so there we sat, sipping wine and enjoying a beautiful late afternoon. Then Katie offered some fresh bread and feta cheese that she had at home. She ran home to get it and then we enjoyed wine and cheese and bread and were making dinner out of it. Then this neighbor came in from the lake and this neighbor came in from somewhere and before you know it, we had nine adults and about six kids sitting around my front yard. The neighbors brought their coolers of beer (man, they can put away some beer!) and we all sat and laughed and talked until about one in the morning. It was really fun and so pleasant. So spontaneous and easy.

My projects all got pushed to Sunday and I didn't get to do them all. I did do a massive cleaning on the kitchen and felt very good about that.

I cooked a great roast for lunch today with mashed potatoes and salad and biscuits. We absolutely must eat at home more often, new job or not, so I'm trying to cook more.

Had a writing session with Abbycat last night at the 503. My head wasn't in it but it was still enjoyable.

Today I finally wrote all the questions I need answers to before I can accept a job at this new station. The station is really in such bad shape that I don't think they can expect that simply by hiring me that things will change. You can buy a new hat for someone with cancer but it ain't going to make them well.

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