Sunday, Jul. 29, 2018 11:11 pm

Good update

Ah, 11:11. I love when that happens.

Need to head to bed for the week ahead of me. I have had a really good day and I like that feeling. I think part of the good feeling comes from having some of this bulletproof coffee that my friend gave me yesterday. I just put a little in my coffee, but it really kept me from being hungry and I was SUPER focused on my work for hours and hours.

So I felt good, too, for being focused and getting some good hours in on the second gig. I also worked on bills and our paperwork for the divorce and came up with some good numbers that make ME happy. I'll see how happy they make him. Of course, I put together some tolerable numbers and then realized I hadn't included some of his most valuable possessions so that tipped it back where I could justify taking back some of my retirement.

He was here a bit today and I told him I soon want us to get to a point where we are NOT talking or texting or communicating for a while. I want to have a bit of a life completely free from him for a while (before we have to get back together to get the final paperwork done).

I talked to Mom a while on the phone tonight and I know she loves that. I tried telling her how much I was enjoying living alone. I don't want her to worry (and it is the truth).

I really enjoyed last night. I came home from swimming and a full day and some drinking. It was 8 p.m. at night but I was so tired. So I napped! When I woke up at midnight I tried to do some work, but that wasn't going to happen so I watched a couple of movies and just chilled in bed. It was nice. And I still was up early and have had a good day without needing another nap. I hope I can get up early enough tomorrow to get an hour of work in. I really really must pump it this week and if my sister is coming down I may lose a couple of days.

I am not sure I have any clean clothes for work tomorrow, but I'm not going to worry about it. I'm sure there is something.

Yesterday (just for the record) I went to a kids movie with my friend and her granddaughter. Then some lovely swimming on a super hot day.

Friday night Mark was over getting some things and he left. I went to bed and forgot to set the alarm that night. Saturday morning I get up and see LOTS of light in the hall. I look and the garage door is standing wide open. Yikes. I hit the button and the motor made Slippers come running in. I don't know if he had been outside during the night or not. But Phil had burrs on him so he definitely had been out catting around. I'm so glad they were both home when I discovered it. It didn't look like the garage had been burgled and no one had come in and raped and killed me fortunately, but it still freaked me out that I was so wide open vulnerable and didn't know it.

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