Monday, Jul. 27, 2015 10:32 pm

Again with the catch-up

Geez. I hate that I am falling behind on my writing just everywhere. I haven't blogged on the family site in 10 months, I don't know how long on my other blog, months have gone by here. What am I doing? Well, there was the broken arm...

I fell at a company picnic on June 2 and broke my left arm. Not the worst injury in the world, but it is a little limited. I could not type with 2 hands. That caused me no end to difficulty with my typing job. I learned how to double-dictate (me re-dictating what the doctors had dictated) to get the computer to type it without me and then I did the corrections and formatting. That worked, though it was not pain free. And right now, typing with 2 hands again, is not pain free either. I am going to physical therapy on Thursday to try to regain some strength and torque and twist.

We had all the rain in May, but it is gone now. I think we haven't had any at all in July so things are droppy again. It had really gotten hot in the last couple of days, not that that is unexpected.

I am gearing up for my family reunion NEXT week. I look back on how much work went into it last year and I am so glad I don't have a deadline or pressure like that this time. I don't think I've done much work at all on the family this year.... and I certainly haven't updated the blog. I want to get back to it, I really do.

We went to Amarillo for my cousins' 50th wedding anniversary. A quick hard trip, but it was fun. Truly the most fun was getting to see my new niece before I came back to Austin last weekend.

Now it is Monday night and I am procrastinating on all that needs to be done... radio, putting my new printer together, scanning photos for TP. I need to get on the stick.

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