Friday, Jul. 26, 2019 11:33 pm

Heading to Dallas again

I'm just realizing that I am coming up on 20 years of writing in this diary. 20 years! It has really been with me through some big ups and downs.

I am still very happy and enjoying the single life and especially living alone. I wish my house were cleaner and I'll probably wish that for the rest of my life because I have never gotten the knack for keeping a house clean yet.

I'm going to Oklahoma and then Dallas tomorrow and through the weekend. Going to see my aunt for a few hours and then birthday celebration with my sister and family on Sunday. I wanted to drive on up tonight, but couldn't get my act together.

I haven't written here about my flirtation with a salesman in Charlotte. I am enjoying it so much. Except I find myself wanting to declare my undying love and start a long term relationship with him, simultaneously with wanting to have a simple fling where we meet in the middle and have an intense weekend and then never speak again, or we just stay internet friends and buddies with some flirtation. It is fun to fantasize and fun to have the excitement when I see his email come in or his name on the office phone. But I'm playing it very cool. A lot of that is because I don't know who his friends are on that end. He is friends with one of my team and I'm not all that fond of that guy so I want to be guarded and not talk about our team very much.

My favorite guy at work quit today. Breaks my heart. Took me a long time to warm up to him, but now that I have I love him and will miss him. But he's going to make a boatload more money at an audio production job so I wish him well. They don't plan on replacing him. Of the 5 people I share my table with at work, he's the ONLY one that makes no sounds that irritate the shit out of me.

Oh -- the excitement today was that my Facebook group hit 10,000 members. That is pretty awesome when we never advertised or promoted and not just anyone can join. I'm proud of us!

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