Friday, Jul. 20, 2018 8:25 am

Lawyer Visit

I should be dressed and ready to go to work since I got up about 6 this morning. But I'm in my gown and haven't even had my second cup of coffee.

It is Friday. I'm glad about that, but I'm going to go to Dallas for Sunday night's birthday dinner so that puts some pressure on me to get some things done before I go.

I got up so early because I went to bed at a decent time last night. I sat on the porch and meditated in the cool morning air (really! even if it is going to be 106 today) and listened to birds and ate my cereal. I was truly going to come in here and lyric check at some point, but when I finally looked at that page it wouldn't load so I took that as a sign.

I went to see a lawyer yesterday morning and I just need to pull the trigger and hire and pay the guy. He seems competent and kind and told me a lot of good info just as we talked for free. And he has two blue dog paintings on his office walls. I liked that.

One of the blue dogs looked a lot like my painted blue dog --- even as far as yellow background with a slant across it. Interesting since I wasn't copying anything when I painted that, just making it up as I went.

Now I'm getting all yawn-y and I could just go crawl back into bed.

I wonder if I'll ever have energy and spirit and excitement again? I hope this is just divorce depression and energy conservation (and heat, now that I think about it) making me just want to lay down and sleep every day.

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