Thursday, Jul. 19, 2018 8:42 am

Firing Omar

I just fired Omar, my new housekeeper.

I got an ad on Facebook and made an appointment a while back for this new service that gave you a $49 rate on first cleaning. I went for it. I also had the (unknown to them) guarantee that they couldn't charge my card for a second cleaning since it was my temporary debit and it was going to expire.

Omar was supposed to be here at 130 yesterday. I took the day off to get ready for him and be here while he worked. He texted saying he would be here by 230 because of San Antonio traffic. Then about 215 he texts to say Google says it will be another hour and 20 minutes. Finally he's here at 345. He said he'd stay the whole 4 hours but I didn't want someone here until 8 at night! By then I'd already taken a Xanax because of the stress.

He was a sweet kid, very personable. The kitchen did look pretty good (not pristine, but pretty good).

So he was going to come back at 9 this morning. I told him even earlier would be fine. Now here it is, 830 or so and he texts that he'll be here in an hour and 20 minutes. A full hour later? I fired him...

But now he has texted and apologized and I told him he could text me later this afternoon if/when he wants to come by my house and we'll see if I want him to come by for an hour and a half to finish the bathrooms.

If he doesn't come by at least I have the bathrooms completely empty and it wouldn't be that hard to clean them myself. I've had to almost hold myself back from cleaning them last night since they were just "there."

I am going to see a lawyer at 11 this morning.

I'm going to go to work now since he isn't coming and then I'll go to the lawyer's from the office. I need to get more work in this week anyway. Things are piling up a bit and the month is already going by fast.

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