Thursday, Jul. 05, 2018 8:27 am

Post 4th

I woke up really early and tried to get myself up and going and as it got later and later I kept thinking ....Well, I can do an hour of lyric checking .... well, I can get in 40 minutes....etc. Finally I clicked over there and it had dropped the connection to their server as it does so often so I had to restart everything and so now I'm blowing it off, writing this, and going to work.

Mark is still asleep in "his" room. This very well COULD be his last morning in there. He almost was ready to sleep at the new place last night, but a gig kind of got in his way. I'll hope for tonight.

My July 4 was uneventful. I never put on a bra and never left the house. Sat on the porch a lot (good!) but never took a nap (bad!). I watched a lot of the series Transparent that I had given up on a long time ago. I made a big instantpot full of unstuffed cabbage rolls (cabbage, hamburger, tomatoes) and oh-my-god it was so good. I try to remember how good it is, but I totally forget. SO good. I at 3 bowls of that and then ate too much ice cream (since it was a holiday).

I DID get my $80 back from the bank since I complained. They said they did it because I had used up all my transfers, but they'd give me a break this ONE time. Well, I'll be closing that account soon enough so they won't have the chance to kick me around anymore.

Mark and I talked a lot about what goes and what stays. He didn't want to leave the house just barren, but I'm already liking the emptier walls and more space and he's hardly started. We'll see how bare it gets before August. I'm envisioning what I want to do with it all.

Hey! Today is payday. That's a relief. And it is 833 so I'd better get to work.

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