Sunday, Jul. 01, 2018 12:17 pm

Moving Day?

Mark's gone to sign his new lease and get a key and eat lunch and get some plastic boxes. I still have no idea where he plans on sleeping tonight. I really would just like it to be that clean break and he starts sleeping there NOW. Sure, he's going to have to be back to get stuff a gazillion times, but start living there NOW so I wake up in the morning in a quiet house, alone. I make my own coffee (or likely not) and maybe eat breakfast or turn on the radio loud, or listen to a book while I get dressed. I will begin new routines and a new life.

Last night I went through a big file drawer and threw away a lot of papers that were no longer needed. Bills from years ago and lots of magazine articles from the early 90s when we didn't have the internet to give us 100s of articles on any subject at any time. I clung to my articles about creativity or writing back then. I reluctantly let them go last night, knowing I wouldn't sit down and read them even if I had the time. Writing and creativity have lost a lot of my interest lately so I can put that aside and find information on the internet later if I need it. Lots of pamphlets about travel in Texas. I have even more of those to let go. I went through some of my stacks over and over and thinned it each time, recognizing that some of these things were just "sentimental" in a really silly way. I tried to imagine if I were having to pack up and leave in a hurry would I NEED this. No, of course not, let it go.

I have to do some financial things today. I looked at my bank account yesterday and there were two goddamn fucking courtesy fees for $40 each for being overdrawn. So my $5 frugal lunch on Friday cost me $45. But I don't think it was right that they did that, there was money in savings that would have covered both charges so I don't know why they didn't use that first. I've sent them a polite query and hope they'll restore that $80. But I need to put some money in today and try to get that back up to $0 again. I have some cash in a drawer, but I'm really reluctant to let it go into the account.

I also activated my new credit card and was trying to set it up online and accidentally deleted Mother's address from her account. I hadn't realized it would list her account on my screen since technically it is also my account. No wonder they gave me such a great credit card with a huge amount of credit and a great interest rate. They think some of that money (or all of that money) is mine! hahaha foolish bank. I think I'll just go ahead and set up a checking account there, too, for simplicity sake.

I need to get to work. I don't know what I would do with my day if I didn't have work, but sometimes I think I would like to try. I know I COULD iron my clothes today (what? what is that?) but will I? They sure need it. I've been letting them pile up and get wrinkled too too much.

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