Tuesday, Jan. 15, 2019 8:57 am

Comanche and DFW

I think I came in here 20 minutes ago (more?) to write here and then got off on Facebook and emails and news and whatnot. I must get up and get some clothes thrown in a suitcase and get down the road.

I am speaking in Comanche this afternoon about the family and genealogy and who knows what. They just desperately needed a speaker and in my codependent way I wanted to help the poor woman out. I need to learn to set those boundaries, too. I LIKE speaking and I know it will go well and give me the praise I love to get, but the anxiety of the last few weeks (months?) is an aggravation I just don't need at my age.

And after Comanche I am going on up to Dallas. Mom was in the ER all day yesterday and got out about midnight last night. Poor sister was just a mess when she was driving home, worrying about getting her home health care TODAY and getting her moved as quickly as possible to the new place, etc. etc. I'm going to just help her vent if nothing else. Mom did go home but has a catheter (yuck) and hopefully is feeling better today after a night of rest and relief. She's taking Flomax now -- had no idea that was every prescribed for women. That'll put a damper on her sex life. hahahahaha

I'll look back and be mad at myself if Mother dies this week. Sis and I were making all sorts of morbid jokes last night by text. How mother was hoping for ... stage whisper... cancer. How she was disappointed her urine didn't have blood in it (that wasn't a joke, she really was). The other day we were laughing because we know mother is "wanting" to die and we were discussing trips to Oregon or Sweden. We are morbid ... not mean ... just silly.

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