Wednesday, Feb. 26, 2020 9:50 am


Even when the men finished on Monday they wanted to visit some more and explain how hard it is to get cat pee out of the rug. I get it! Leave! They finally did and I slept for four hours.

Didn't feel a whole lot better yesterday, but I made it to work and made it through the day, though I was pretty cranky through it all.

Today I don't feel great, but okay. I have had a Coke for breakfast and 5 Triscuits. Nutrition is important to me. I'm still at home. I just did my radio show and I'm going to see my therapist for the last time (for a while anyway). I like him so much, I will miss him, but I think I'm doing good. I will go on in to work after the appointment.

My house is still a wreck and I'm worried about the cat peeing. I ordered a blacklight from so I can check for myself to see if she has an on-purpose-accident. I also ordered a spray that cats don't like that you spray where you want them to stay away. I don't know if the package will arrive today. Chewy is pretty fast. I was reading about little boxes and how cats like to have their own and how they like one for pee and poop so it said to provide TWO for EACH cat. Geez, I'd have nothing but litter boxes all around. It also said cats don't like litter boxes in the garage, but my cats have managed with that for 20 years so that isn't going to change.

I think I'm cranky again today. I need to go dry my hair and put on some makeup And check the work email since I guess I'm really supposed to be working from home right now. Sigh.

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