Monday, Feb. 24, 2020 11:50 am


The carpet cleaner is here working on cat pee. So frustrating that I didn't catch it earlier or make sure the new cat knew where to go. I also finally found the poop smell, too. So disgusting. Hopefully the smells are gone and we'll get her on track to her litter box and move forward again.

Meanwhile I feel like crap myself. I got home from Dallas last night and was totally wiped out and my innards were a mess. I had barbecue yesterday and I have only had barbecue maybe twice since Mark left. It was always his go-to place for meals, but not mine and so I have not needed to have barbecue. I knew it has not been pleasant in the past, but it really hit me hard last night. I still feel so wiped out. Just completely tired. I can't read the screen, but writing is not so bad. I want them to go so I can just go back to bed.

I intended to go to work after this cleaning, but there's no way I can and there's no way I can even work from home. My eyes are burning. My arms are heavy.

Seeing the family was nice. I went straight up to Nephew #2's home and they were all there. We had a lovely pasta dinner with nephew's wife's Italian family sauce recipe. The girls were mostly sweet. The oldest is getting a little less cute and more grown up. I may have to wait until she's an adult for her to be fully likeable again. The middle one and the baby are still precious, though they didn't really warm up to me.

I spent the night there and conked out pretty quickly after the company left. In the morning they made me Sunday breakfast and then they were going to church so I left before they did. I drove up around Celina and Prosper and saw that has changed (not that I remember the old towns, it has been years since those days Mark and I would drive around up there). I headed back down and talked to B! on the phone until I got to Mom's. Visited her an hour. She was surprised to see me and had again forgotten the family was in town from Holland.

I stayed about an hour then swung by and got my sister and her niece and we all drove to Fort Worth to meet up with Nephew #1 and his wife at the barbecue place. It was in a very cool neighborhood. I would like to explore Fort Worth more. We also walked around Sundance Square and I saw an Uno's pizza there. I really want to go back up and have an Uno's again. It was my absolute favorite lunch in Dallas when I worked there. Yum.

They were all going back to the kids' house, but I knew that would just delay my trip by a couple of hours so I came on home. I'm very glad I did. I got home and just collapsed. I never even got the trash to the street. I didn't do my radio show either, I put it off until this morning. I watched a couple of episodes of Better Call Saul.

I want to go crawl into bed and just let these men finish their job and lock up when they leave. I guess I can't do that. I'm hungry enough that I will probably eat a sandwich when they go. Or at least some chips. Then bed. I keep waiting for their machine to turn off as a signal that they are done. Hurry hurry hurry.

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