Sunday, Feb. 24, 2019 11:26 pm

Weekend on Meds

Things did indeed improve after I got my work computer back and I got back in my groove. They took another turn for the worse last week when I ran out of my meds. I thought I could white-knuckle it for a few days until they arrived, but then decided I could not. The zaps, vertigo, anger, confusion, I had it all. I got a little bridge Rx and then the meds arrived a couple of days later. If I could have been ASSURED it was only going to be a couple of days I might have made it, but knowing it was going to get worse before it got better, I'm glad I called the doctor.

I had a long call with Pooks today. I haven't spoken with her in over 25 years, I guess, though we talk on Facebook a little from time to time. Today she asked two involved questions on Facebook that really needed more time to explain so I called and we talked an hour and a half. She gave me some good advice on ADHD and getting my meds right to deal with that, too. She was certainly surprised I was divorced now. I'm not sure if she ever met Mark. Probably not, but she was right there at the beginning, I know.

Tomorrow it is back to work. I think I have a meeting and I don't like meetings. This one shouldn't be too stressful, but all meetings cause me stress. I do have a new Rx for the calming stuff so I may have to lean on that a bit.

Tonight were the Academy Awards. I enjoyed watching them and this year I've seen several that were up for awards. That always makes it more fun. It made me remember some I want to see. I watched two movies in San Marcos Friday night and that made me want to watch more movies with a friend, too.

I'm progressing a tiny bit toward the fixing the house stuff. I had a color lady come and give me ideas about paint colors. She was very good at her job. I just need to keep moving and get a painter and get started.

Shoot - I just remembered I was going to call my website people. That's another thing causing me a bit of stress and I'm avoiding it,but that only increases the stress of course. The best way to get out of stress is to go through it. My website has disappeared and I don't know why. I hate to think of all that stuff gone, but, shit, if it is gone I'm going to quit paying for the hosting.

I did get groceries and got my sheets changed today. I may not have any clean clothes to wear tomorrow, but at least I feel a tiny bit more prepared for the week. I also cleaned the garage a little bit and I've been promising myself for two months that I would do that when we had a warm sunny weekend and we finally had that. I brought home two boxes of Daddy's tools and I rinsed them all off and cleaned them up and threw some away. Probably have another couple to throw away because they need batteries. Interesting how the oldest tools that are electric and plug into the wall are the ones that are still usable. I guess that's why tool companies WANT you to get the ones with batteries ... planned obsolescence. I don't dare use one of the tools to see if it works. The cord is so frayed it may be a danger just to plug it in.

I am so glad I got my meds before the weekend got here. I know I would have just stayed in my pajamas for two full days if I hadn't had them. Or I would have gotten up and had drinks until I felt a little better. Amazing what a difference they make.

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