2001-02-23 1:26 pm

Red hair, blue day

My mind is racing through all of things that need to be done before I leave for Baton Rouge in the morning. It is a long list. I'll start here...

Men, you are excused for a moment. I bought a book on perimenopause yesterday. Could I be suffering from it? I don't know. I haven't read the book yet. My hormones go through a roller coaster that I've never had before. I may go back on the pill just to stop the highs and lows. Wednesday night I had cramps and I never have cramps. Not much fun to be out drinking and dancing when it feels like there are two giant visegrips around your pelvis. Yesterday I cried at work! That just shouldn't happen and wouldn't happen except for the events that took place took place at this time of the month.

Yesterday morning the boss called me to come in and put in one extra voice track on a shift I filled in for. It was for a contest that no one had made me aware of. I arrived almost too late to do it and when I got the info it seemed incomplete. I called the guy in South Carolina that would have the info and couldn't find him in. Finally found someone that could give me what I needed and then the studio I used wasn't allowing me to record. It was a nightmare (which I have had in my sleep frequently) where nothing would work and the clock was ticking down. I was about to burst into tears and I went to another studio and managed to get it recorded but still wasn't sure if it was sent through the wide area network or not. I sat in there and cried and cried. All did work out and the track made it there but it was a horrible beginning to my day.

I managed to do one more show before my studio had to be given back to its rightful owner. No studios to be had so I went to lunch at Maudie's and indulged in a good Mexican food lunch and read the Chronicle. Learned that I will be celebrating my birthday at Antone's this year (I suppose) because Mark and his band will be playing there the first night of SXSW.

Speaking of eating Mexican food. I had an experience that is rare and women relish. Yesterday I weighed the lowest ever. Okay, not really ever. I weighed 10 pounds 1/2 oz. at birth and that was the lowest ever. And I've even weighed less than this a lot over the last ten years. But this was the lowest I've weighed in 2001 and I guess the lowest in 2000 and 1999 too. Anyway, it was nice to see this number yesterday morning. Then, after the bad beginning of the day I ate Mexican food, I had a big Jamba Juice in the evening and last night I had wine and I had ice cream with chocolate syrup. Today, I fully expected to be up a few pounds but I was still at that lowest weight. Wow, what a rush.

After Maudie's I went to the Whole Life Bookstore. That is such a calming place to get your head together. I read book after book and finally settled on the perimenopause book, a book on creativity and getting your writing spirit moving again and a book about tantric yoga (and sex! yes it is about sex). I got some new candles for my studio too but they didn't put out as much sweet smell as I would have liked, but it is always nice to have a candle going while I work.

I went back to work and worked until ten. A very long day. To make it worse, the people who work weekends were coming into this transformation we're going through this week without knowing what was going on. They were interrupting me and asking questions. One guy really got on my tits by asking questions and then not taking my advice. I told him he needed to call our boss--that's what he is there for. He was very reluctant to do that, yet he was willing to have his show completely screw up and not air. I think he finally did call. I gave up, gave him the number and left. I don't mind helping people at all if they will let me help them and not argue with me.

Wow, I haven't written since I did the color thing! So much I haven't put in here. I'm going to get to the end of the year and say, "I KNOW I colored my hair in February, why isn't it in my journal?" Wednesday I got my hair cut short for the first time since May of 1999 and it is mahogany. I told her I didn't want a color that said, "I am a 42 year old woman trying to cover the grey." I wanted "I COLOR MY HAIR" screaming at people. It achieved that effect. Very red and brown and purple-y. I love it. People at work have not recognized me. It is fun to be sort of incognito. Ellen was working in her studio. I walked by her window several times without a hint of recognition. At one point I stopped to talk to someone down the hall, and I was standing where she looked up. She did a double-take and screamed and came bolting out of the studio to see it. It is very different for me. I wanted to look different for Baton Rouge and I believe I will succeed.

Mark is off to Galveston's Mardi Gras to play early this evening and then they will drive on back to Austin and go to Fort Worth tomorrow. I leave early early in the morning for my Mardi Gras trip in to a thunderstorm plagued weekend, I'm afraid. Forecasts don't look good.

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