2000-02-02 01:01:17

Big head Jan and the monsters

We have an incredibly cozy house. I can say that since I'm not the one responsible for making it so cozy. Mark is my designer/decorator/style-maker. I only bring this up because, for a house so cozy, we have a cold spot here at the computer next to the window. Brrrrr.... I will make this short. Rain is dripping outside the window and the fire in the fireplace is beckoning me back to the living room.

I had a very nice day. I have a great boss. I think we've covered that before. Today we had a full staff meeting. Our little meeting room (one of the studios) has gotten more and more crowded since I began. We are growing. Our boss covered issues that were important and needed to be covered and then he went around the room to each one of us and told the group about our special talents and things that they might now know about us. It was very uplifting and motivating.

Not to brag, but when he got to me he said that I was "Miss Personality" and all my station loved me because I was so personable on the air. I got the big head. It was very nice.

My head got even bigger when the president of our division called me aside after the meeting and wants to see me individually tomorrow. I'm sure he's seeing others too, but he wants to here from me what makes me successful at what I do. Think I should let him in on the Prozac and Adderall and other assorted mood altering substances? Maybe not at this meeting. It will be interesting to talk to him. I don't think very quickly on my feet (or sometimes I think TOO quickly and interrupt and jump ahead in the conversation without knowing where it is going).

I didn't get my cool cool cool glasses and shades today. They weren't through with them. Maybe tomorrow. I was relieved to talk to the eye doctor again. She had strengthened the prescription of my contacts and I've been wearing this new strength for a week. My arms have also suddenly gotten shorter. I had found myself doing the adjustment that people that need bifocals often do---moving the page back and forth trying to make it focus. She hadn't found a need for bifocals last week so I didn't know why I suddenly couldn't read up close. She told me today that she had strengthened the distance prescription which would make a little hard to focus up close but that that would strengthen my eyes and help me put off bifocals or reading glasses for a few years.

Today (2-2-2000) is my Dad's birthday. Cool date, huh? And it is a Wednesday. Maybe he should play the lottery. They want to come down and visit us this weekend but he is continuing to be sick and they probably can't. He's had two bad bouts of pnuemonia over the last two years and I'm afraid this infection is heading that way. I called him on the air to wish him a happy birthday. Technically, I called him Wednesday night on the air as if I hadn't called him all day and needed to wish him a happy birthday. It will only air in Biloxi tomorrow night but it sounded good.

Brrrrr.... on to the fire.

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