Saturday, Feb. 22, 2020 9:12 am

Cat pissed and I am too

Dammit. My new cat has peed on the carpet. I should have realized it before. The curtain in the office was pulled down twice this week. It had dawned on me to look under it for poop (cats cover things up) but I didn't smell the pee. Today I used that office and could smell the pee. Damn Damn Damn. I've treated it with vinegar and stuff and baking soda and essential oils and I've called the carpet cleaner to come this week. I didn't want to spend any money like that, but I must. I can't live in a house that smells like cat piss. I may have moved her litter box to the garage too quickly. I'm sure she knows where it is now, but maybe she didn't or maybe she got impatient looking for it. Damn.

I need to get cleaned up and get on the road to Dallas. Family will be waiting (haha).

Okay, carpet cleaner coming Monday morning. I'll put that on the schedule at work so they won't be looking for me.

Last night I opened a document in my Google drive to see what it was. It was a half page of fiction I'd written inspired by the life of the bad Texas Ranger in my family. It was surprisingly good. Almost makes me want to expand on it a little. Or at least try some other fictionalized scenes from his life. But he is not a likable person so I would need to figure out who could be likable and how they win in the end. I'd have the Indians take and torture him, but he was past the time of Indians.

Okay - must must must get started on my weekend.

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