Thursday, Feb. 20, 2020 8:51 pm

New Cat! New Attitudes!

It is always good for me to read my last entry and see if anything has improved or changed since the last time. Eye opening sometimes.

I still a bit (a lot?) miffed with my BFF. I was missed in January and now I see more reason to be unhappy with her. She got back from her cruise and about a week later I think I might have had an email. Then she was off to Mexico. I've sent some emails with no response whatsoever. Today I sent an email saying that I felt ghosted and STILL haven't heard a word. WTF??

I also read today some words of wisdom from my therapist I wrote down a month about about needing to praise and love myself and not wait on others to do it. I will try.

He has been a great therapist and I've seen him a total of 4 times I think. I'm going once more next week and then stopping because I can't afford it. It truly has helped me get my head on a bit straighter and it has gotten me unstuck on the creativity and writing and DOING stuff around here, I think. I'm still blue and weepy, but I think I'm doing good. He's such a nice guy. I've enjoyed just talking to him.

Yesterday the girls at work all ate together. Damn those girls can complain. I had forgotten one detail until my boss (who is a guy and wasn't there) reminded me of it. He'd heard from another. One of the girls, one of the biggest complainers (about life, not just work), ordered a BLT that wasn't on the menu. The waiter said he couldn't do that. She got a little huffy about it and wasn't going to eat. Then she was talking about her desire to eat "clean" or something special and then she orders tater tots. Weird. That lunch just made me resolve again to never accept an invitation.

I'm going to Dallas yet again on Saturday to see the Dutch relatives I visited in May in Holland. Wonderful people coming to visit the little baby girls. I talked to both nephews tonight to check in on plans as one is entertaining at his new house one day and the other the next. Neither knew what their plans were. Oh well... I'll just get there when I want and come home when I want. It has to be a quick trip so I can come feed the kitties.

Oh--- this has happened since I wrote last. I have a new cat named Moon Pie. She met me at the mailbox on January 15 just talking up a storm and telling me her story. She happily let me pick her up and cuddle. I went on home and figured things out a bit and then went back with my flashlight. I had hoped she'd gone to wherever her home might be, but she saw my light and came running and talking. I brought her home and fixed her up on the porch, separate from my guys. The next morning I had her chipped at the vet's and there was no chip. I put up notices everywhere you are supposed to do that. No one jumped up to take her. So the very NEXT morning I went ahead and had her checked out at the vet's to make sure she wasn't carrying disease that the boys could get. Once she jumped that hurtle, I brought her on into the house. It was getting cold that weekend so I couldn't leave her outside anymore. The doctor said she is about 6 years old and is spayed, thank goodness.

In the past month Moon Pie has become accustomed to the house a lot more. She and boys aren't friends, but they can eat in close quarters and they all share the house. I think they'll be friends one of these days.

Okay -- enough chit chat. I need to get in there and watch some more Better Call Saul. I'm catching up on Season 4 on Netflix before the new season begins Monday.

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