Thursday, Feb. 19, 2015 8:20 pm

A Good Dinner

I feel like I want this week to end and to have a Saturday to do ALL the things that I've been pining to do. And then I'm stumped --- what do I want to do? I expect I'll fritter my free time away and be frustrated when Monday rolls around again.

I had hoped to go out to a cool little herb store on Saturday with a friend, but she is going to be busy. I will either go by myself or find someone else to do something with. Mark will be working all day and night.

I had have so much trouble SLEEPING this week. I don't know where it is coming from.I was taking some zippy pills and I didn't take them yesterday or today in hopes that would improve things. I did sleep better last night. I'm also listening to hypnosis tapes and meditation tapes and other "put you to sleep" stuff in hopes it will help.

Tonight we had a lovely dinner together at a beautiful restaurant. It was truly fun (well, until he complained about the price of the meal, oh, and that he ate a big dinner 2 hours before we ate).

Now I am home and will do radio and then settle in for the night.

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