2001-02-17 2:30 am

Worn out for the weekend

It is late Friday night, early Saturday morning. At 11 I was so exhuasted and sleepy I went to bed. And laid there. And laid there. I finally got up and watched Survivor and Letterman and some other things I had on tape. Nothing spectacular. Just trying to get sleepy enough to sleep. I took a new prescription drug tonight and I think it is keeping me awake. It sure makes my mouth feel like a mouse died in it.

Quick recap of Valentine's. It was all wonderful. Tuesday evening Mark brought home a gorgeous bouquet of a dozen red roses and purple hyacinths. He gives me flowers a lot but it has been a long time since I had roses so that was very sweet. I came home from work early Tuesday evening and was a little miffed when Mark was off doing his own thing and not paying a bit of attention to me. Finally we watched some TV and then opted to go to bed. When he suggested we "just lay here and look at the stars" I thought he was rejecting me and was very confused---until a laid back and looked up and saw stars! Mark had stuck lots of glow in the dark stars on the ceiling. It was magical! He said he was amazed I hadn't heard him in on the bed jumping to reach the ceiling. And I had walked in on him in his drum room as he was putting tape on the backs of the stars and I hadn't even noticed. Mark jumped out of bed and got the rest of the stars in a big container and started tossing them around the dark room. It was like walking in the Milky Way. Stars are my thing and there's nothing like a man that pays attention.

On Valentine's Day itself we ate lunch at the Iron Works Barbeque. Not exactly a romantic lunch spot but new to us and we really liked it and it is our style of place. Very homey, cozy and easy going. It was a warm humid day and they had the windows open and it felt like summer.

Valentine's evening I had already made plans with some single friends since Mark was going to be leaving town. It turned out that the band wasn't leaving until 10 pm so he went with us and we had a great meal at Maudie's. Three single girls, one single guy and us for Valentine's.

Mark went on to get on the way to Fayetteville, AR, and the singles and I walked down to the Saxon Pub. I got to experience George DeVore for the first time. What a trip! That guy is too totally cool. I really liked his sets and I want to see him again. The odd thing about the night: I'm sure George attracts lots of cute young women since he is very cute himself. Wednesday night, being Valentine's, the cute young women must have been out on dates. The women dancing up in George's face at the front of the crowd and singing along with every word were the oddest assortment of ugly women I've ever seen. I hate to be cruel but it was a freak show. I am glad when people enjoy themselves but these women were way weird.

I ended up staying at the Saxon Pub until the bitter end of the night because I had to ride with K. back to Mark's car. Long exhuasting night and I'm not recovered from it yet.

Yesterday, Thursday, I went out to the country to see Perfect C. Rainy and muddy out there but the countryside is pretty every time and I enjoyed the superb cuisine of the Blanco bowling alley again. So pooped when I came back to town I laid down and napped before going to work.

Now, if I can only get to sleep tonight, maybe I can catch up some more.

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