Monday, Feb. 11, 2019 9:01 am


Don't make me go to work!

I'm tired and cranky and anxious.

I got back from Dallas yesterday afternoon and realized as I hit our city limits that I left my work computer up there. Errrrrrr. My sweet bil is getting it back to me,but I tried finding other ways to get it here and I feel so incompetent when trying to solve a (simple) problem. I just can't make things happen. My inclination is to turn the car around and just go get the damn thing. I always figure the best way is just to do it myself. If I have to organize more than one person to do something I'm just stuck.

So I'm frustrated and now I am going to work and I'll be kind of crippled by not having my familiar computer with me. Stupid stupid stupid.

I hope I can get my feet underneath me and get some work done today. Friday is the deadline for everything and I'm going to be out again Thursday afternoon. Dinner tonight with the women and who knows what else facing me this week.I know it is MINOR compared to other people and compared to what I may face in the future, but I'm feeling it.

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