2001-12-09 9:36 p.m.


The folks are still here, watching The Practice while I get ready for bed. They will leave in the morning. I hate to see them go because they are easy company.

Today I was up very early, earlier than they were. I hope that will help me go to bed tonight. We drank coffee and ate cinnamon rolls and grapefruit.

Dad's sister that lives here had asked him to get some info about funeral homes and make some plans for my grandmother's demise. It has really brought him down. I don't know if is feeling her mortality or his own but he is very down and not talking. We did get him to call his sister and go to see her today. I think that brought him down further---she is in her 70s and has to still work, her kids are all rotten, and on and on.

Mom and I watched the Dallas Cowboys and just talked and played with the cat. When Dad came home we went to eat at Guero's. It was just the "Austin" break I needed to feel better. Dad couldn't quite understand why we didn't just go eat at Tres Amigos near the house. I said that it was fine but it was just food, Guero's was more of an event. Once we got to Guero's Mother understood. I don't think Dad ever did. We had some wonderful food and I bought some calendars. I might need more once I figure out who I will give these to.

Mark got home from Dallas just after we got in. We took a nap before his gig and he was off again.

I wish tomorrow wasn't Monday. So much to be done. . .

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