2001-12-08 11:39 p.m.

Quick entry

This is only the obligatory entry for Holidailies I'm afraid. The TV is blaring and my dad is hollaring words of wisdom, questions and edicts while I try to answer e-mails and do this.

Where did this cold rain come from? I don't believe the Austin weathermen have a clue.

Good airshift this afternoon...my first full four hour shift in ages. Usually I'm pre-empted or shortened by UT sports.

Took Mom and Dad to dinner at Hill's Cafe. Matt Powell was playing in the bar. I wish we had been sitting in there. I waved at him when we left but I don't think he knew it was me.

Dad tells me Mick Jagger looks like he's in misery on Saturday Night Live. Hasn't he always looked that way?

My friend B got her care package today and I think it is already helping. She called this evening before I got home and my mother answered and got to cheer her up. Then my good friend Perfect C called her to cheer her too (they've never met but they are so much alike they would make great friends).

To bed...

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