2001-12-04 5:47 p.m.


There's nothing like making a commitment to writing everyday in my online journal and then flaking out on Day 3, is there? Monday was sort of a lost day, sorry.

The in-laws were here Sunday night and into Monday. We took them to Cisco's for breakfast Monday morning and sent them on their way. It was a nice visit but I think it wore me out. I slept all through the day yesterday and vegged through the evening.

Doing much better today on being able to stay awake. I need to find the right combination of drugs and sleep each night to keep me alert in daylight hours. Today I managed to have lunch with an old friend, shop at the Whole Life Book Store on South Lamar and get a haircut.

This would be a longer more thoughtful entry but a husband is sitting close by, bringing up topics of discussion and glancing this way reading some. Not easy to concentrate. More tomorrow. I will make an affirmation "I write in my online journal daily!" and afix it to my mirror.

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