Sunday, Dec. 28, 2014 4:44 pm

And it's a wrap. 2014 draws to a close.

I am about to head out to the sleep study. It is over an hour away so I have a long SLEEPY drive. Normally I would be taking a nap right now, but they, of course, don't want me to nap so I can maybe sleep normally tonight.

I have a little black kitty looking over the top of the computer right now, studying my fingers as they pound away. He is Slippers, the newest member of our family. He's been with us 9 days now. He is solid black and is beautiful. He is about 5 months old.

I got home yesterday from a lovely Christmas with my sister and her 2 new daughters-in-law and the family of one of the daughters-in-law, too. Her father, 2 sisters, and a brother all came from Indiana and Ohio to join us. Her mother just died in October so there was lots of sadness, but I hope this helped them get through the first Christmas.

I was exhausted the whole time I was up there, it seemed. Glad to be home where I can sleep. Maybe I will get a prescription soon that will help me stay awake.

I also have a sleep study through the day tomorrow and on Tuesday I have an MRI. Right now that is ALL of the medical appointments I have scheduled. I'm sure there will be some follow ups still to come, but I guess they will know all they need to know by then.

As I face the new year, and realize that this will likely be the last entry of the year, I think about my goals and intentions for the New Year. I want to be healthy. I want to feel good, eat good, exercise, and sleep well. I don't want to be going to the doctor time after time. And I want to be positive and forward thinking. I don't know where that will all lead me in 2015. I guess we will find out.

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