2001-12-28 10:59 p.m.

Post Christmas bummed

I've got the UT-Washington game on and, barring some miracle, UT is screwed. I'm hearing the Eyes of Texas playing though so something good must have happened.

Kind of bummed today because I told one of my "other city" stations that I won't work for them after January unless they pay me more. I began working for them assuming that the pay would be similar to what I was getting elsewhere. I had been told there was set fees and no negotiating so I didn't get into it. Dumb mistake. They are paying less than half of what the other stations are paying. I don't want pay to drop right into the toilet so I will put my foot down. I will miss the pay they were paying and it wasn't the worst in the world for what you do, but the principle is that that service shouldn't go so cheaply.

Of course, I come home from giving up money to find Mark has been out spending money. He bought the router/hub we need to network the two computers (we hope) and a new stereo for my car. The stereo will still need to be installed and there may be some wire repairs that will have to be done by the dealership which always means big bucks.

Don't worry. I always get incredibly low about money at this time of year.

Bummed too when I called for a gathering of the old friends from my old job and no one came. Yep, just me, unless I missed someone since I was a little late. Bummed.

Came home by the witch store to catch their sale and got some fresh (well, fresh dried) catnip for the kitty and some other fun herbs, stones and oils. What do I do with this stuff? Play.

Got my Christmas present from my best friend B! in Idaho. She sent a book on crystals, one on reflexology and a wonderful little carved angel that is an "Angel of Healing--for those who give comfort with caring and tenderness." Very sweet.

I am married to a mutant. Reading about reflexology I asked if he'd like to have his feet or his hands rubbed. No. Would he like to rub my feet? No. Who in this world would turn down a foot rub unless it was offered by some creepy person? Certainly not me but I ended up rubbing my own feet. Not quite the same.

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