2001-12-27 7:51 p.m.


I'm taking defensive driving online and it is a pretty good way to do it if you have to do it. I can do it in pajamas, I can go get a snack, I can drink a beer during. . .etc. hahaha just kidding about the beer, def. driving police! It does require a certain amount of time be spent on each section which is a drag because I am a quick reader and a quick study (and obviously quick when I'm driving since this is for a speeding ticket). It forces me to kill some time in mid-lesson to meet the time requirements. Therefore, this entry.

I'm thinking of New Year's Resolutions. Not for me, for my sweet husband. One that just popped up to the top of the list: Resolved: I will not launch into full-scale yard work involving lawn mower, weed-eater and blower while my lovely wife is getting her beauty sleep, even if it is the time that I think she would like to be awakened. -sigh-

I'm going to go spend some time in my "other" office tonight. It is the office with a computer but no internet or networking with this computer yet. I do have that as a high priority for January to get that done so we can both work at the same time and I can make that room my home base more than this office (by the COLD window). Any network geeks, er, uh, computer wizards willing to help make it happen? I know the hub I'm supposed to get. I have a router but I've been told that isn't what I need (I got it for free so it is no big loss) and I have 25 feet of the right kind of cable.

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