2001-12-22 9:48 p.m.

Christmas catch-up

Tonight I am remembering to write while there is still a little life left in me.

Last night Mark and I went Christmas shopping. We even went to the mall. I avoid the mall year round but especially at Christmas but it was fun to go with him. We mainly went to Brookstone to find a gadget for his step-father. Got a little clock of some sort. I've forgotten already. And, of course, we ended up getting stuff for ourselves. Mark got a magnifying glass and I got cute little clippers for the garden.

My head started hurting at the mall, mostly a hunger headache. It didn't stop until this morning. We did have a nice quiet romantic dinner. . .at McDonald's. It really was quiet and romantic. Sometimes it doesn't matter where you are, just that you ARE (and the quiet and the food helped the headached temporarily). We bought a few groceries and came home and watched some TV.

Today I cleaned house and wrapped the presents for the neighbor kids, animals and single ladies. Tomorrow we'll have to do some delivering. Some of these folks may already be gone for Christmas.

I tried to get another present for Mark this afternoon but didn't. Why are cell phone stores so sleazy? I always feel like a drug deal is going down in those places. The people getting pagers and cell phones are the lowest. I don't know why that is. I have a cell phone. Mark has a cell phone. The places we got ours weren't so bad. But I stopped in a Sprint place today to see about a hands-free unit so Mark can talk on his cell phone (which he does constantly) without having to take his hands off the wheel. No one gave me a glance and it didn't appear as if anyone wanted to help me. The one hands-free unit I found wasn't meant for his phone so I became easily intimidated and left. Oh well.

I am perfectly okay with the arrangement we've made with my family to not give Christmas gifts. I worry about the arrangement I've made with Mark though. We aren't going completely without gifts but we've agreed that we won't do much. He's already gotten me the Beatles pot at the Armadillo Bazarre but every time I talk to him he is out shopping for Christmas. Frustrating. I have one sort of nice gift and one silly cheap gift for him and that's it. Oh, and the magnafying gift we bought last night. I hope I'm not showered with gifts on Christmas, I'll be filled with guilt for the new year.

Tomorrow is a day of finishing the Christmas cards (I hope) and present wrapping and maybe even packing for the quick trip to Dallas. Tomorrow night I'm going out with a friend that is alone for Christmas.

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