2001-12-02 1:52 p.m.

Christmas music

The house is as clean as I'm going to make it today and I'm waiting on the in-laws arrival and for Mark to come home from his Corpus gig. It is raining again and chilly but I have the window open beside me and I'm listening to Christmas music.

I am not a Christmas music fanatic but I enjoy it. I think it can be overdone. Our first Christmas together was in 1992. Mark and I were in Dallas and my parents still lived in Canyon, in the Panhandle, and we were going to go be with them for a short time. Mark and I both were working seven days a week but we had Christmas Day off and maybe the day after. We left Dallas on Christmas Eve after Mark got off work at the record store.

We drove the six and a half hours with Christmas music. Maybe we played some cassettes during the trip but mostly I remember the Christmas music. In six and a half hours you can easily hear forty versions of Jingle Bells. You can hear versions of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer where Rudolph is a blues musician, a space reindeer, a redneck and a cowboy. You can hear Ave Maria by Anne Murray and Reba McEntyre and you can punch buttons but you'll never get away from the Christmas music. I think I boycotted Christmas music on Christmas Day. I had had enough.

Most radio stations these days play solid Christmas music on Christmas day. I don't know that that is the best idea for every station and if I owned one I wouldn't be solid Christmas.

I also have a problem with Neil Diamond and Barbra Streisand singing Away in a Manger and Joy to the World. Either you believe Jesus is your Saviour or you don't, but you should sing your convictions.

The band has arrived. In-laws here soon.

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