2001-12-20 10:52 p.m.

Ripped off

I can't believe I just got up out of that warm bed to get my daily entry in---yep, these habits can become engrained and obsessive. Got to keep up the Holidaily.

Started the morning on a buzz. Mark had set the coffeepot to make coffee for me this morning so I drank a couple of cups at home and took some with me to work. I really had the shakes going when Kramer (www.astrofish.net) came in to do his radio thing and brought me an extra-grande eggnog latte from Starbucks! Whoo-ey! I'm not going to turn down that stuff. And, man, this one was really good and hot, too. I always have to ask them to make it extra hot and this was better than what I usually get and it had traveled. Thanks, Kramer. I haven't had as many eggnog lattes this year (which I'm sure is a blessing) since I'm not working in the Starbucks building anymore. In fact, I only had my first one of the year Friday driving to Dallas. The Starbucks in Temple saved me from falling asleep (at least for that next thirty miles).

The day took a steep downturn at noon. Yesterday I left my car at our mechanics to get an oil change. We were going to pick it up last night so he just locked it up and left my key and credit card in the car. Mark dropped me off to get it and I saw glass all over the car seat. I couldn't quite comprehend that the car had been broken into. It took me a lot longer to realize my CD player was ripped out of the dash and a handful of CDs was gone too. A man came out of the office immediately to ask me to come in to talk to the owner, Howard, who does our car work. He said he found it that way when he got to work this morning. By the time I even got into his office he had called Mark on his cell phone and told him to turn around and come back to help me. That was thoughtful because I was a little in shock.

We brought it on home and a glass guy is coming to replace the two broken windows tomorrow. I don't know if dash repair or stereo come next in the order of doing things. From now on I'm only going to put copies of my CDs in the car with me. I know a couple of the CDs stolen were copies I got for free from the station but I also lost my Van Morrison greatest hits. I will have to replace it (or make my own I suppose, I have all of the songs on other CDs or vinyl records).

Anyway, money has been looming large over me today with this new "challenge" as we used to say in the motivational speaking biz. It makes me quite cranky.

I spent a lot more time at work today than I expected or planned to. I'm afraid tomorrow may end up being extra long too. Lots of preparation stuff in order to be off Tuesday (actually, now that I think about it, I'm doing all this work so that the morning TEAM is off on Monday when I'll be working. Nothing I'm doing helps me have any time off at all...).

Okay, that bed should still be warm but I'll have to hunt up the kitty-cat again to join me.

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