2001-12-18 10:14 p.m.

Trail of Lights

I'm getting cranky now because I've been up too much and I've been looking at a stack of bills the last thirty minutes.

But--earlier I was in a nice holiday mood. My friend Jill that just moved here from Dallas celebrated her birthday and we joined her and her family and friends for barbeque at Bert's on MLK (never heard of it before but it was a cute joint and decent enough BBQ) and then went to the Zilker Park Trail of Lights. That really is a fun must do thing. I will not miss it again (remind me next year that I said that). I loved standing under the giant moonlight tower and twirling around and getting dizzy and then watching others twirl around and get dizzy and fall down. Beautiful weather for it, too. Tomorrow may be colder and wetter so I'm glad we got this in when we could.

This afternoon I came home and hurriedly began working on my Christmas card letter (with pictures BUILT IN to the letter---I'm getting so good -- years after everyone else had mastered it). I was hungry and hot. I didn't change clothes from work. I kept thinking, "I'll do this one thing and then I'll take a nap." Finally I told myself to slow down. I put on my slippers and drank some eggnog and put on the Christmas music and enjoyed the process a little bit. Mark came in about then and encouraged me to change clothes, too, which was a very good idea. Only got a few addressed but it is a start. Got a little nap in too.

But obviously not enough because I'm snapping like a turtle.

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