2001-12-13 10:39 p.m.

Bungles and Party

A particularly crappy morning. Very busy and I made a HUGE mistake. Okay, only HUGE in the eyes of my boss, but he used the opportunity to chew on me. What really irritates me is that other people said "I hear you're in trouble!" before I had heard I was in trouble. I wish I could remember this when I am in one of these "meetings"--what I'd like to do is conclude the meeting with "And have I done anything RIGHT in the last two months?" Because if I have, I certainly haven't heard about it.

While I had his attention I asked about the holiday schedule again since it appears to remold and shape itself according to whim. I once again clarified that Monday, Christmas Eve day would be a recorded morning show and a company holiday. Yes, yes, he says, then, "But we'll have traffic." "We'll have traffic?" "Yes, we'll have traffic." "So, does that mean I have to be here to run the board?" "Yes, you'll have to be here." Yes, 10 days before Christmas Eve I'm learning that I will be working. Fortunately, we weren't going to leave for Dallas until that morning so it will only make me more tired that day, it won't eliminate the trip. But then, I asked about the New Year's Eve deal where the morning team works at midnight. Will I be needed? He looks at me like I'm an idiot, "No, ___ can run the board." Well, I'm glad I don't have to be there but yesterday I was told (by another person) that I would certainly be needed. Tonight I typed out carefully when I THINK I am needed over the next two weeks and I am going to have him look at it and sign it tomorrow.

I did finally get out of the house and go for counseling at ACC today to get into some classes in the spring. One seems to only be available up at the Cedar Park campus so it may not be possible. Maybe one class is enough to tackle, I don't know. The folks at ACC were incredibly nice and helpful though and that was a great experience.

This afternoon was the company Christmas party. Ho-hum. If you've seen the movie Office Space (and if you haven't, you should!), just imagine those folks having an office Christmas party. It would be similar to this festive afternoon. I knew maybe 15 people that were there and I only liked about 5 of them.

The big bright spot of the party and of the day was talking to a different boss from the company. He was asking about my job and duties and if it was full-time, etc. Later I laughingly said to his morning show team that I should be hired to do their midday show because now I would come cheap just to get off this early morning schedule. I then suggested it to the boss and he said that was why he was asking about my job and how "permanent" it was. It may not turn into anything but it at least brightened my spirits to be considered.

Man, I suddenly began having stabbing pains in my head. I will stop and take something and go to bed. Weird. It's kind of subsided now. I hope you won't have to give this last entry to "the widower."

And tomorrow is off to Dallas for two nights. My sister suggested that maybe all we would do would be sleep. Sounds like heaven.

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