2001-12-02 12:12 a.m.

Dec 1--the start of a month's worth?

Jette had had an entry suggesting that diarists/journalers add an entry a day during the month of December. I didn't e-mail her and say that I was GOING to do it but the idea has stuck with me. Technically, I've already missed Dec. 1 since it is after midnight but I'll see if we can count this and if I can keep it up. Tomorrow night I'll have in-laws in the house so I may have to cheat and add an entry in the morning but I'll see if I can enter a thought a day at least.

I had another rough week at work that didn't turn out as rough as I was afraid of. I feel as if I should hang a sign around my neck saying "Warning: I am asleep, don't tell me something and expect me to remember!" On Monday or so our promotions person asked me to make an appearance at a movie theater. It was an unpaid appearance and wouldn't be a remote with calls to go on the air. Still, I said I would do it. Cooperation seems to be the name of the game to keeping jobs so I'm working on being cooperative (never an easy task for me). He assured me he would get me the information in writing. Vaguely, I knew it was on "Wednesday." I didn't think about it again as the week went on, knowing I would get the written confirmation. Every day I go to work and look at my box and rarely is there anything in it for me. Friday morning I went to work and looked at my box and it was empty. My box is on the bottom shelf, closest to the floor. I looked a little closer this time and saw that my box had MOVED. Now I was one box over and the box I had been looking at had the same last name but wasn't mine. I found my box and found the sheet with all the information about the remote but it had happened on Wednesday---two days earlier. I shook all morning long, fearing the worst would come from me missing this appearance. I left the promotions guy a short note of apology in his box.

Later in the morning when I finally saw him I began my apologies and discovered he didn't know what I was apologizing for. He hadn't known I'd missed the remote. When I admitted to it he said it was no big deal My shaking was for naught.

Mark is off to Dallas and Corpus this weekend. His Dad and his wife (the woman who introduced me to Mark long before she was his stepmother) are coming to town tomorrow. I've been cleaning house this weekend. My cleaning plans keep getting stymied and delayed.

Yesterday I expected to spend the evening cleaning and then a delayed nap, a long visit with my sister and then a call from a musician friend all put things on hold. The musician plays with the Chris Wall band and invited me to the Broken Spoke last night. I think he would have asked to spend the night here if Mark had been home. Mark wouldn't have had a problem at all with him staying here even with Mark gone but I would have felt awkward and I'm glad he didn't ask. I did go see him at the Spoke after I went up to the station and did some work. All together that pretty much shot my Friday night.

Then I anticipated getting a lot done today. I did get the guest room cleaned and all the linens changed and even tumbled all the blankets and pillows and rugs since the cat sleeps in there with me and the stepmother-in-law is allergic to cats. I got it spic and span today. I would have moved on to the living rooma and kitchen but I had to go to work and then of course I had to watch UT football and then I had to go join friends for a birthday celebration I'd almost forgotten about. As the UT game turned out, I'm glad I went on to the celebration so there was something to toast and celebrate.

So, that leaves me with the morning to clean the kitchen and living room and anything else I'd like to polish to impress. I can't remember when the in-laws were here last but it has been a long long time. Their home is the cleanest house in the world and everything has it's place. I don't expect to match that. Also, they have wonderful fruits and breakfast breads and juices and coffees all ready for you in the morning. I won't have that either. I just chalk it up to her having been a mother for 30 years and having had a lot more experience at taking care of people than I have. They will just have to appreciate me for what I have and what I am and not expect any more. It's good enough for me and Mark. Hey, she's the one that brought me into this family in the first place so she knew what I was like ten years ago.

I went by the Three of Cups and had a tarot reading with Breeze last night. She said many things but the most striking was that she said I needed to write more, that I had things to say that people needed to hear and even if I did it on the internet under a psuedonym I needed to do it. Interesting, wouldn't you agree? So, now, what is it I need to say?

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