Wednesday, Dec. 09, 2015 12:19 pm


I am quite unmotivated today at work. I came in with enthusiasm, but now I'm just hungry. Will a Dr. Pepper and a sack of Cheetos jump start my motivation? Maybe. I was going to go out for lunch and sell my books/tapes, but I got (sort of) talked out of that. I will do it on the way home and hope they aren't too crowded then.

I am thinking a lot about my new year and what I am doing with it. I am going into it with a lot of thoughtfulness---as in thinking when I listen and before I speak. I am trying hard not to be snappish and to respond when someone is snappish in a calm manner. I did a good job of that this morning. I am also examining the conversation and not just taking it at the obvious. He brought up Christmas topics this morning that I would prefer not to discuss during porch time, but I listened and was kind and nonjudgmental. Then we moved on to some other Christmas topics about the family. Then he got stressed and depressed and didn't want to talk about Christmas. I reminded him that he opened the door to talk about Christmas. He agreed and we talked about the difference between the two Christmas subjects.

So now I am going to go to the break room for Cheetos and then commit to at least an hour of really concentrating on work.

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