2001-08-04 10:56 a.m.

Radio changes

It's already August 4??

Update on the kitten we found. One of my former co-workers is giving her a home. She sure was fun for a while, but a handful. We went to bed on her last night and heard a crash in the living room. Ran in to find kitty and Nathan looking completely innocent but the floor lamp was on the floor. Fortunately, it was only the bulb that broke and not the globe of the lamp. We cleaned that up and went back to bed. In the morning there were footstools and tables overturned and the place was a mess! Now that it is just us and Nathan again, things are calm and happy.

I've been attuned to the radio all week as the station I just quit last week stopped playing country music and fired everyone on the staff. I am thanking my lucky stars I got out just in time. That would have been pretty devastating to get fired twice in two months! Yesterday they finally made the switch to the new format and it sucks a lot. A Top 40 Dance mix that doesn't sound all that different (to me) from the other three stations in town doing that. Helps the country station I'm with now, so I'm happy.

My new station also asked me to do a remote this week. That was a high compliment and very nice. Usually part-timers aren't on the roster for remotes. I went out yesterday evening to Bastrop to do the remote at the Bastrop Homecoming and Rodeo. It was a lot of fun and all went very smoothly. Today will be a full day of work. I'm going to go to another remote the station is having just to keep myself visible and then I'm on the air this afternoon and I'll record two more shows that will air tomorrow.

We bought a new scanner this week and it is so much faster and easier I've been a scannin' fool. I've scanned a lot of old family photos and I've been putting them into my family tree maker program.

Tonight is the big Lance Armstrong celebration at Auditorium Shores. It sounds like a lot of fun but I doubt if I get there. I expect I'll be worn out enough after working tonight to be ready to come home. I enjoyed the parade two years ago but it came right down Congress in front of my building and that made it easy to get to. Tonight might be a parking nightmare.

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