Saturday, Aug. 18, 2018 9:29 pm

No work getting done, for sure

I'm feeling pretty good today. More in tune with me and who I am and where I'm going. I feel like I need to do some real creative writing. I guess seeing Sarah Bird today prompted those thoughts.

My San Antonio friend D & K & P came up for lunch and it was fun to see them and see K all grown up. After they left I saw that Sarah posted she was at a bookstore that just opened today. I decided I might as well cross town and buy her new book now instead of later. I got there and was walking in just as she was walking out. I walked with her to her car and heard about her having ONE person buy her book. I felt bad I wasn't there earlier, but I'm glad she saw me and knew I was there to support her. The bookstore was lovely and I bought her book and a cute piece of decorative paper (sort of a poster, but not really) with kitty cats on it. It made me smile so I am going to hang it in my house somewhere.

Of course, going across town meant I missed my naptime and I didn't get any work done either. I am woefully behind on hours with work. I thought I'd get up this morning and get an hour in that I could tack on to yesterday's work, but I didn't. Then I was thinking I would have time this afternoon and tonight to do work, but have I started? Nope, not at all. If I stop this writing and get busy I might get an hour or two in. And tomorrow is a chock-full day so I doubt if I get much headway then either. I don't want her to feel the need to reprimand me or fire me so I'd really like to get the hours. Heck, I want the MONEY for the good hours, too. I need to get some more focus and discipline.

I had a discussion on Facebook tonight with a cousin about Vyvanse and how it helps her. Maybe I will see a psychiatrist and see about a prescription for it and see if it helps.

I did have lunch with the San Antonio bunch today. It was the first time I've seen K in person since she was a really obnoxious 10 or 11 year old. She's almost 21 now and I was looking forward to getting to know the fun young woman she seemed to be from Facebook. But, no, she was pretty much just double the age and attitude she was at 10. Maybe not quite as hateful to her mother as she was back then, but just rude and obnoxious. Complaints about food and the water taste and staying on her phone playing a game through the meal. Falling asleep all sprawled out on my couch when we were here visiting. I didn't like her. I didn't like much how her mother was when they were together either. She was disciplining her (without effect, obviously) and seemed to be a bit afraid of her and trying to show ME that she was trying to discipline her. Sad all the way around and made me glad I didn't have kids and didn't have to interact with THIS kid much.

When we got back to the house after lunch, Mark was here getting some stuff. That seemed a little awkward, but he didn't stick around long and he didn't pull up a chair and be friendly or anything either. Just polite. He's known them for 25+ years, of course.

I've had some good ideas this weekend about how I want to redo my kitchen and my guest bedroom. I think my enthusiasm for these projects may give me a little boost in energy. I don't know if that will translate into TIME to do these projects, but maybe it will.

Tomorrow I'm going to a painting "class" at a winery and then I'm going to a friend's business's anniversary party. I don't think I'll stay long there. I hope I can skip out and come home and do some work. Really really really I do.

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