Friday, Aug. 07, 2015 12:30 am


I have been drinking more this week than any sane person should. Especially an old woman with high blood pressure who doesn't exercise.

I had the extreme drinking and more Monday when I was mad. Tuesday I planned on working late but the Sometimes Creepy Photographer called and asked me to meet him for a drink, so big beers and nachos. Wednesday, again, I was going to work late, but D from work asked me to go have one glass of wine with her where she had to go for just a short while. I went and we ended up staying a long time and enjoying ourselves a lot and having 3 big glasses of expensive (for me) wine. Sloshed. Today? No, no drinking. No plans for drinking. Had to take a package by to TP and before I know it I've downed two lemon vodkas with him. No wonder I'm fat and exhausted. I must change my ways. But I know there is wine in my future tomorrow and Saturday so I don't know when it will all end (or if I ever would want it to).

It's been a sad couple of days at work because one of our favorite managers, one that we could always bitch to, was let go. I'm going to try to keep my head down more than ever, not complain, and just do my job. I don't think I would be one they would fire (but I used to say that at the last big job, too, didn't I?). But se la vie and que sera sera. And I'll throw in an asi es la vida for good measure.

Tomorrow I pack up and head north for the family reunion. I hope I have fun and don't hate staying at this cousin's. She has a beautiful quiet home so I should like that part.

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