2001-04-04 12:38 a.m.

David Sedaris

I don't know if I can write tonight or not. I just got in from an evening at the Paramount Theater listening to David Sedaris and Bailey White reading their writing. Now I want to write and re-write and make it pithy and comical and to the point, yet with beautiful description and on-the-mark characterization. Sigh.

What a lucky break I had to get to go see these two. Just Sunday at the journalers get-together we were talking about David Sedaris and our admiration for him. Then yesterday at work I get a group e-mail saying that our building had given the company four tickets to the show and they were available on a first-come, first-served basis. I quickly asked for even one and was lucky enough to get two. Sadly, there were two empty seats next to us at the the theater so I'm afraid those two tickets might have gone to waste since no one that works for my company knows who David Sedaris is except for me! If I could have had them too I would have passed them along to two lucky online journalers. Again, sigh.

I told Mark I had the tickets and wanted him to go with me. He agreed even though he had a lot of work to do at the office tonight. I held back pertinent pieces of information until we were in front of the Paramount and he was finishing his coffee before we went in. It was then, after the tenth or twelfth gay couple had passed by us, that I mentioned that David Sedaris was gay and that some, though not all, of his humor was about being gay. I saw Mark's brow harden in that "now you tell me" way.

I really held back on the piece of information that might have made him turn and go home. I didn't tell him until it was all over that David Sedaris' sister is Amy Sedaris, the big-toothed weird woman of Strangers With Candy on the Comedy Channel. There is an audience for that show and I know there is a cult following but that is one show we just don't get or see any humor in. Maybe some humor but we just can't stand looking at that face! I told him that piece of news after the show when it was all too late to change anything.

The show itself was delightful. Bailey White is also a wonder. I have read one of her books and a few pieces but not as much as I have read and followed David Sedaris. They alternated reading and she started with a hilarious piece on parking garages actually being Hell. Knowing how often I've searched in vain for my car in the hot oppressive atmosphere of the our parking garage I was right there with her in that assessment. She did a sweet sad short story about an old woman and her Meals on Wheels volunteer that was sad and funny all at the same time.

David Sedaris was apparently reading mostly from his new book "Me Talk Pretty One Day." He lives in France now and has had difficulty learning the language and the funniest essay revolved around his French class and trying to explain Easter, in broken French, to a Moroccan woman who had never heard of the holiday. "Jesus is good boy die on two morsels of lumber to go above your head with your father" was only the beginning of the confusion when they began to explain the "Easter rabbit." I'm going to have to get this book now. You too can read about it here . (Jonathan---thanks again for teaching me that all important bit of html).

Going into the theater I knew Mark was antsy and feeling the need to rush back to work as soon as he could. It was a relief when I could feel him laughing next to me and relaxing and enjoying the show. Afterward, I was starved but could have easily gone on back to work or home, since I didn't have work left that was vital to complete tonight. Mark offered to buy dinner and we had some great burgers at Babe's. We also were highly amused by the blues stylings of the Blues Condition. I will save that story for my "42 Bar Year" essay that I need to begin soon. Even after the burger we ventured further down Sixth to hear our friend Dave playing at Shakespeare's Pub. Now, his blues stylings are something to hear.

At his point of the night, my eyes were gritty and my work ethic had disappeared so I headed for the house with ambitions of beginning my essayist career. Instead I e-mail and journalize and daydream. . .

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