Thursday, Apr. 27, 2017 9:41 pm

Lacking Motivation

I am so unmotivated these days in all areas. I have company coming on Monday to spend one night and I haven't begun to get ready for them. Lots to be done and I'm hoping I get some energy on the weekend.

I also came home today bound and determined to spend some time in this office getting it to be more of the way I want it to be. Not done (though I did clear off the desk so maybe that's something). I was also going to do some writing, some painting, some drawing, something creative, but that hasn't been done either.

Now it feels hot and sticky in here and I want to go veg on the couch or go to bed and read and just hope I can start fresh tomorrow or the next day.

We had our anniversary Monday and we went to the bowling alley to eat and for a drive in the Hill Country (that probably sounds pretty white trash if you don't know us and don't know how super cool the bowling alley is). Mark aggravated me for opening my card and gift to him when I wasn't even around to see him pretend to be excited or touched.

He did ask me yesterday to go to a museum Saturday for an exhibit I hadn't even heard about. That surprised me a lot and I was a bit leery about his motivations, but I will take it at face value (or try to) and just enjoy a day at a museum with my husband.

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