2001-04-27 1:26 a.m.

The Visit from New Friends

Our company is gone now and so has Mark. They all left together this afternoon to go to Dallas where Mark played tonight. I would have liked to have had him home alone for just a bit after the company left, but we'll be home together Monday night and that is soon enough I guess.

It has been a busy week, first getting ready for the company--first my sister and dad and then the couple from Kansas. Then, entertaining and enjoying the company all week long.

Tonight I am exhuasted and tomorrow I'm going to Dallas so I need to go to bed or think about packing one, instead of writing.

We did have a wonderful week with this young couple. They have entertained Mark when he is in their town in Kansas and the husband is a drummer so they have lots in common. I'm so glad they came to see us and we got to be friends. They are really nice, easy-to-be-with people.

We spent the week eating lots of good food, trying to show them the cuisines of Texas: barbeque at the Salt Lick, Mexican at Guero's and at El Arroyo, home cooking at Threadgill's--twice! and a hamburger at Fran's. We showed them the bluebonnets that are left and all the other wonderful late spring flowers. We took them to Wimberly and Gruene Hall. They saw Mark's band at the Saxon and at Speakeasy and we saw Dale Watson at Ego's. We shopped on South Congress and South First and Nomadic Notions and anywhere else we found that looked cool. And, in and amongst all this go go go, I worked a full week's work. That is why I'm ready for bed and quiet tonight.

Also amid all the activity, Mark and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary. We didn't have a moment alone through the day but we exchanged funny cards and small gifts. We may do something more next week when there is more time, or just wait until the 9th or 10th. That would be fine, too, because I do know there will be a 9th or 10th.

Lots to mull over from this week. Wonderful new friends, good times and anticipation of seeing them in Kansas soon.

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