2001-04-02 1:15 p.m.

Journalers April Fools

I've kind of fallend behind and I've had some much to report these last few days. I'm writing before I'm allowing myself to read the other Austin online journals since we had a get together yesterday and I don't want their interpretations to cloud my view.

So I'll start with the coffee with them. I was almost late because Mark and I went to the Zilker Garden Festival thing yesterday. I had wanted to go and then was quite surprised that he wanted to go too. I sure didn't want to discourage any of this couple-ness so we went and I tried to relax and not look at my watch and feel rushed to get to the journal gathering. He knew I had that commitment too so he was cooperative. We got our plant buying and walking done and made it home in time for me to be late but at least be there. The Flightpath is a coffee shop on Duval up by Airport and 51st. I knew how to get there from the map and ventured northward on the evil I-35. I am a very smart person but so many times I find myself not putting together important information. I read in the paper Friday about I-35 closures for the weekend at 290. I didn't put this together with me needing to go north on I-35 on the weekend. So, I sat through a few miles of stale traffic, finally deciding to give it a go and get off that nightmare and find another way. Fortunately, I found the place without my pre-planned route.

So, I was late, but I found Michelle, Abbycat and Water Lily already engaged in scintillating conversation. So scintillating, in fact, they were receiving dirty looks from Flightpath patrons that preferred their notebooks and notepads to our conversation. So the group moved to a more easy-going outside table, which we shared with a handsome young man that turned out to be another online journaler Jonathan. Jonathan joined the group and taught me how to do links with hypertext!! Aren't you thrilled? (I'm not, it is pretty tedious and time-consuming, isn't it?). Jonathan, I haven't gone to your website yet, figuring I'd put first impressions here before they might be changed by your deep thoughts in your journal.

Before Jonathan joined us we discussed documentaries (big thumbs up from me and Water Lily for Hands on a Hard Body), writing, travel, the Burning Man gathering that Abbycat writes about so frequently, theses and school and life and other things. It was a really pleasant way to spend an afternoon. It would have been fun to have had even more journalers there for even more of a group discussion but four is a good number.

Then when Jonathan spoke up and realized we were the group he was there to meet with, the conversation seemed to get even more lively. Computer stuff that I don't get began being buzzed around, books and reading and more writing and life's ambitions type stuff.

I hated to cut loose but I still had evening things I wanted to do before the sun went down and I didn't want us to get everything talked about before we get together again next time, so I bowed out and I believe the others quickly followed. Good time, yall! Hope I can make it next month too and right now, it does look promising).

If the hyperlinks don't work, I'll come back and see if I can fix them. If I can't, I expect an e-mail from one of yall to tell me where they are wrong. Later: I can see that two of the three links work. Abbycat, I can't get yours to go to the right place despite checking and double checking the address. So here's his url: http://www.mindspring.com/~mistercat/devil/ but I can't make it link.

There was lots more from this weekend and from the Thursday before but I'm short on time today. Hope I remember to get back to El Orbits and walking and gardening on Saturday.

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