Sunday, Apr. 13, 2014 8:50 am

Alone Again, Naturally

I just sent the in-laws on their way back home and Mark to a backline gig in San Antonio and I am about to start my Sunday morning of typing and work and house cleaning and working on my big project for the summer and finishing a season of Breaking Bad (I want to start with THAT!).

The in-laws got here Friday night and brought meatball soup for us and lots of keepsakes and things for us to have. In passing they mentioned "when we move" as if they were planning for downsizing at some time in the future as they age. Then a few more mentions of "when we move" prompted me to say, "Uh, is this something you are actually planning?" Their eyes got big. "We thought we told you!" They are moving very soon to a smaller home in order to not have to keep up with a yard and big house. We are glad they are doing that. He is 83 (she's only 70) and doesn't need to still be trimming trees and digging holes.

We spent Saturday out looking at bluebonnets and eating in Marble Falls at the Bluebonnet Cafe... good God I had some great liver and onions ... and then Mark's dad cooked us a really good dinner of venison chicken-fried steak and mashed potatoes. I supplied a good salad and key lime pie. Mark had to rush off for a gig so I sat up with the folks and drank wine and heard more stories. I showed him old slides that he took 62 years ago that I scanned last week and let him tell me all about them.

Now the house is all mine again and I like that a lot. It is quiet and I can use all my rooms and type and watch TV and do anything I need to do. I can leave dishes in the sink and not feel guilty (I still left them in the sink while they were here, I just knew I would get talked about).

I'm going to sit here and make my list of things to do today. I was about to do that and felt the urge to write first, so I can mark that off the list now.

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