Thursday, Apr. 10, 2014 8:55 am

Taxes are Ready

Windy and still too cool to sit on the porch this morning. I want my spring back. Oh, I guess, technically, this is what spring is. It is also pollen season and Mark is really suffering. My eyes are a little itchy, but I'm making it through okay, unless super-high anxiety can be caused by pollen because I truly have that this week.

Not related to the anxiety much is company coming this weekend is Mark's dad and his wife. They'll be here tomorrow afternoon and stay until Sunday. They are easy company to entertain and I'm looking forward to it. We just saw them at Christmas when we visited them, so it hasn't been too long. We'll take them to the Hill Country to see some bluebonnets and they will do a lot of cooking for us. We'll listen to them talk a lot.

My taxes are ready and I'll go retrieve them this evening on the way home from work. We owe more than we've ever owed on taxes, but I thought it could be a lot worse so I guess that's a good thing. And it is good that we made a lot of money. I was looking at our budget last night and I honestly don't know how we pay the bills each month! Somehow we manage. But I want us to continue to get the bills paid off and to get ahead. Way ahead. It will be easier to see where we are once we get through the wedding and the trip to Europe this summer, but I know I keep saying, "Once we get through..." --- the loan, the construction, the holiday, etc. I've had so many medical bills that it screwed up a lot of my figuring. But we are back on track, I think, and we'll be alright.

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