2001-04-15 7:08 p.m.

Easter Weekend

Happy Easter.

I've missed my family on this Easter Sunday even though the thought of the drive past Dallas is completely undesirable. The whole family plus a cousin's child had lunch at Mom's today. I can picture it because I've been at so many wonderful family meals there--tablecloth and china, probably a centerpiece that has some fake grass and Easter eggs. Ham and green beans and mashed potatoes and some wonderful pie for dessert. And my nephews probably would have some chocolate eggs to share with ol' Aunt Pecan.

We had a very pleasant Easter day ourselves, so I can't complain. Mark wanted to work on knives today and had a full agenda. I planned to go to see Bridget Jones's Diary and plant some things and go to the cacti and succulent sale at the Zilker.

By the time I woke up this morning (a couple of hours behind Mark), Mark was hemming and hawing on knife-making. He said my idea of going to a movie on a beautiful day like this was a crime. Finally he admitted that what he would really like to do today would be to go for a drive. So we did.

We took off to the southwest and ended up in Wimberly. We went into a few stores there, the few that were open, and ate lunch at the Dairy Queen (see why I'm craving Mom's ham and potatoes?). We found many many many beautiful fields of bluebonnets but finally happened upon the very best one. Oak trees, rolling heaps of blue and hills and blue sky in the background. We stopped to take pictures and another nice couple also had stopped so we shared photographer duties and got some great shots of them and they got what I hope are great shots of us.

We came on back to Austin and still went to the cacti and succulent sale and spent way too much money but they were so unusual and you just can't buy them anywhere and etc. etc. excuses excuses.

Now I've got a cobble in the oven (you must do something festive for Easter) and Mark won't slow down on his house repairs for upcoming company (COUNTDOWN BEGINS----T minus 7 days)

Yesterday my acupuncturist invited me to her house for tea with some other friends. I was very flattered. We have asked her to our house and I have asked her to do things with me before and she usually declines with a legitimate excuse. But you always wonder if she wants to keep the relationship strictly professional or if she really does want to be friends. By inviting me to her house I really do feel there is friendship there.

She is a very spiritual person with deep belief in most things Oriental. She only purchased this new house because most of the feng shui was good already (i.e. no garage on the front of the house which she says makes you rush to and fro too much). Inside she had the crystals and flutes and other cures of feng shui for the house's ailments. Her other friends were all very nice but many times the conversation had moments where I didn't know what the speaker meant. During a discussion of the people of Tibet and an unusual habit they had, one woman said, "What? Are they all Libra?" which got a big laugh from the group but completely went over my head.

Last night Mark played at the Continental Club, his first time with this band. It was a fun time. They opened for the Booze Weasels which is an ocassional band with the former members of Joe Ely's band--David Grissom and Davis McClarty and a couple of others.

I also got a CD player in my car yesterday. That was my belated birthday present from Mark. I'm really enjoying it.

All in all, a good Austin weekend. Tomorrow and all this week I'm going to work in the daytime and be free in the evenings. My studio "roommate" is on vacation so his timeslot if free. Hope I can accomplish something in the evenings and not just come home and plot down like I do too often.

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