Sunday, Jan. 04, 2015 1:25 am

Starting Off the New Year

A new year is here. That means I need to archive last year's writings here. It always amazes me to add the new archive and see how many YEARS I've been keeping this thing up. Despite having a handwritten diary and having other blogs, I keep a lot here, just for the record.

New Year's Eve was quite chilly, but not so bad that I couldn't stand outside without a coat and watch the fireworks in the neighborhood at midnight. I clutched 2 $100 bills in my hand for wealth all year long and held a rose quartz stone for love. Mark was still asleep on his chair but he came out just after midnight.

On New Year's Day I had my peas and greens at Diana's house. Mark was there, too, but he didn't get the peas and greens so we'll see how his luck turns out. It was a fun little party... another cold and foggy day.

Came home that night and watched Ohio State beat Alabama and that was fun.

Friday, another cold rainy cloudy misty foggy day! After work we met up with Mark's stepsister from DC who was in town. She is a fun, smart girl and we enjoyed hearing about her work and kids and home. We saw her this summer when we were in DC for my nephew's wedding. Probably the first year in 20 that we've seen her twice within a year.

I even saw her again today when I delivered some things to her to take home and to take to her mother's tomorrow when she leaves.

I haven't been at work since the 23rd except for Jan 2. That was really just a day to get my feet back on the ground and remember where I was. I did get a little bit accomplished, but there's lots more to do this coming week. I brought my work computers home, but haven't cracked them open at all. I seriously hope I do tomorrow. I want to start doing a LITTLE bit of work from home so I don't feel so worthless about not getting things done up there.

And we have a new kitten who still remains nameless, though Slippers and Lucky are in the running. He is an adorable solid black cat with loads of love and personality. Skinny skinny boy with a huge appetite. I am doing my best to let him and Mark bond together, but I think he still prefers my scents and curls up closer to me.

I have my new diary for the new year, but I need a better calendar and put some thought into what is going to happen this year! I need to get organized. How many years have I said that?

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