Thursday, Dec. 22, 2016 8:54 am

Last Entry of the Year?

So does this make 4 whole entries this year? That is just not acceptable. I've got to figure this out and write more.

I'm doing my best (again) to NOT make resolutions for the New Year. I think it helps to have the cruise coming up because it makes certain I'll have no regular routine until after I am home 2 weeks into the year. And then Mark is gone for another full week. And by then I would be bored with routine anyway and so I know just to go ahead and give up on resolutions.

I got up early this morning. No reason, just woke up. So we've been in the living room drinking coffee and watching cats for a long time. I thought maybe I'd go ahead and get to work early, but obviously I am not getting that done.

They (work people) are doing a mannequin challenge at work this morning. I definitely want to be too late to participate in that!!!!! Stupid holiday festivities.

Tonight I will cook some more for our holiday. Poor sister has been super sick all week. I imagine she will pull it all together by the weekend and be a gracious hostess, but maybe not. I hope she is fine and we don't have to order pizza for Christmas lunch. Or just eat my candy and apricot bread (I made those last night).

I need to find my common book that I created with the mandala on the front. I don't know where it has gotten off to. I need a new one for the New Year. AND I need to get my "real" sketch books available to use. Trying to decide if I should use them at all at Christmas or wait until the New Year. I bought them when I started this online sketching and watercolor painting course and I'm still preserving them because I don't want to MESS THEM UP. Stupid. I can't mess them up. I will be practicing.

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