Back Again

Everything I put down the last time I wrote, 4 months ago, is still pretty accurate. I've got lazy about the hot meal and the fruit and the vegetable, though. And I've misplaced the fitbit ... and probably haven't had a walk since then!

But mentally I'm pretty healthy. Two days ago was a fitful, down day so yesterday I upped the Zoloft 50% and I had a really good day. I'll just take regular today and see how it goes. Being Friday, I should be happy, right?

Bad start though. Mark gently woke me up and said, "Was this the morning you had a 9 o'clock meeting?" It was 9:10. Augh. It was, of course. I emailed and apologized, but then we went ahead and had the meeting soon after. Nothing like meeting in a backward nightgown, hair a mess, dirty stinky teeth and mouth, no coffee. But I got it over with and now I need to get dressed and get to work and get something done today.

I want to look up the email address to add entries to this place and think about writing occasionally from work. I don't want to go to this site on the work computer.

Mark seems mad at me for snoring some days. He slept on the couch last night because I was snoring so loudly. I may get the guest bed set up and start using it and see how he reacts. It is unmade right now so he couldn't sleep on it. We don't have company for a few weeks (Mom next maybe) so I could do that.

I'm so glad Friday is here, but I get into these cycles where I put everything off until the weekend and then don't feel like doing any of it on the weekend or I use up my umph and can't get it all done. I need to think about what is MOST necessary to get done this weekend. This "report" I'm writing on Joe Moore is so important to me, yet I'm walking in quicksand and can't get it done. I love the research, but I hate to write down the research and put it all together. I need to figure that out. I feel SO much accomplishment when I get something finished. I need to get it finished TO A DEGREE and call it good and then I could go back and enhance that and "publish" again. I'm not limited by finishing.

I really could sit here and type for ages and ages. So why don't I do it more? That's the question on so many of my "jobs." sigh

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