Sunday, Dec. 07, 2014 12:24 am

Not Enough Catch-Up Probably

I didn't realize a whole month had flown by. So much has gone on.

I won't recap EVERYTHING, but I have been to neurologists and probably have narcolepsy. I actually have the diagnosis now, but we'll do a sleep study before they try to "fix" it. That will happen just after Christmas.

We had a nice Thanksgiving day in Tyler with the in-laws, too. Nothing to get too het up over. We were only there 24 hours at the most. I did also enjoy going to see a distant cousin while I was up there.

Work has been interesting. I am working with some people I enjoy and like, but they can be so negative and toxic and distracting that I just would love to get away. I tried to bring a little bit of positive spirit to the group this week by inviting others to work late and I would order pizza. Part of the whole idea was that we were going to have a little meeting without our supervisor and try to work out some of the problems we are all having. We have no reason to exclude him except that he likes to dominate the room when there is a group. Not in a "I'm running this meeting" kind of way, but in a "Aren't I funny and smart?" He's not obnoxious or anything, just wearing!! So we left him out and thought he was safely on his way home when the pizza arrived. But, no, he walked around the corner. So, first, our group discussion didn't get to happen. Second, the barely enough amount of pizza I ordered got spread a little thinner and we all could have eaten another piece if we had had it. His presence made us all get out of there a little bit earlier. I think we will try it again one of these days and double-check to make sure he has left before we order the pizza.

I have been piling up so many great books to read lately. So I am going to go to bed now and continue on the good ones I've started and maybe dip into one more for good measure.

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