Tuesday, Sept. 10, 2019 8:41 am

New Coffeepot

Been feeling the need to write here, but I never seem to have the time I want. And I'm late for work right now, but I'll put a line or two (that sounded like letters we used to write . . . I guess Diaryland is my correspondent now).

I've lost almost 10 pounds in a month on WW with Diana. It's been way easier than I would have imagined. She's doing it "right" by cooking new foods and finding new tastes. I'm just doing it by having eggs for breakfast, a sandwich with mustard at lunch, and something light and small at dinner. Drinking a little less (but not tee totaling). I did look back in a spring diary and I was really wolfing down the food then. I hope this lasts into the new year and I can start considerably lighter than I began. Fingers crossed (and lips sealed).

Well, now that I'm here I'm looking around for things to write so I'll just go get ready and go to work. I do have coffee by my side right now that I didn't have last week after the coffee pot died. The new one is good. Worth $30 investment.

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