Thursday, Aug. 22, 2019 7:29 pm

First Date

Here we are a week later. I'm glad I am feeling the need to update here more often. Of course, right now, part of it is just procrastinating on doing my radio show. It will get done, I'm just dragging my feet.

I'm going to be really glad when the weekend is here. I have not done anything to fix or clean my home since Sunday and I feel it. I hope to clean up the kitchen again tonight at least.

On my WW I am still "cooperating" and eating healthy (though I'm drinking some rum right now). I seemed to be stuck at a high weight, but if finally started showing and this morning I was down 6 pounds, I think. Saw a number I haven't seen in a few years. That was nice. I will forge on.

I did something out of my comfort zone this week. A month or more ago an advertisement showed up for a movie event about the band Rush. Sort of in a "screw you Mark" moment, I bought a pair. Then I realized I had no one to go with. No one I know really likes Rush and no one would want to go to something like this to help me out. I asked some people and mentioned it to some hoping they would say they'd love to see it. No luck. I even posted on a private Facebook group in case there was someone in my part of the world that would want to go. There wasn't. Finally, Monday, I'm thinking how lousy this movie is going to be if I have to go alone. I messaged a guy on Facebook that I don't even know personally. I know very little about him, but he posts a lot and we have commented back and forth from time to time. He is on a radio station here in town on Sunday nights. I knew we know people in common. But still, I know nothing about him. I messaged him and said, "You don't know me from Adam.... but would you like to go....?" He said he would. I was so surprised and pleased and felt sure he'd back out on Wednesday afternoon. But he didn't. We met up at the theater just before it all started and met. Still don't know much about him, but he is a fan of Rush and has seen them twice. Since he only works on night at the station, I asked him what he does in the day. He said, "Well, I'm thinking about going back to school..." I believe that is code for "I'm unemployed." Not sure. I can't even tell his age, but I think he is probably about 20 years younger than me. No matter. He was an easygoing date and it didn't feel like a romantic date, just a buddy date and it was good. I would not have liked the movie alone, I know. And he got lots of the little subtle Rush jokes that were in it. So I'm thinking that technically I have had my first divorce date so now I can have a REAL one anytime --- bring 'em on!

Okay, documented. I'm going to do my show now.

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