2001-05-07 8:57 p.m.

Cranky Monday

Boy, I am just getting all too regular about updating. What is this, three days in a row?

I was up a lot of the night last night which has made for a cranky day. I was up because we took a nap at about 9 pm thinking we might go up to Ego's for the benefit for our friend Matt who had his guitars stolen. We never made it. Sleep plus rain equals worthless.

As much as I rant and rave about the little problems I have with my sweet husband, I should say we had a very good evening together last night.

Today I cleaned the house pretty well and bagged up a huge sack of clothes I don't want anymore as I try to un-stick the energy in the house and bring in better feng shui.

I got my act together and got up to work at my regular time and then was alarmed to get the e-mail from the boss reminding us that the computer guy was shutting down the system at 7 pm. That meant I had a whole shitload of work to get done really really fast. I really had to plow through it without much care or creativity tonight but I got it done.

The B, who is now working as our receptionist and, if this this closing of the company is not good for anything else, I will no longer be seeing on a daily basis come July, called in sick today. (sorry for that convoluted run-on sentence) People calling in sick when they are well really irritates me. I know she is well because she was at the lake seeing Mark's band yesterday and apparently he talked to her today to know that she wasn't working. I'm still holding on to way too much anger related to this girl. I keep waiting for him to get sick of her or to realize that it hurts me for him to be so overly fond of her.

I continued my irritated existence this evening. Mark was working upstairs and said he would work as late as he could (until our computers were shut down). So when I got through and the computers were shut down I waited for him to come down and I called him several times and couldn't find him. I had hoped maybe we could go to dinner or something. No response so I went on the grocery store and came home to find him home and he'd been here for hours and had taken a nap and was quite cozy.

I haven't eaten much today. Can you tell? That always makes me cranky on top of cranky but that seems to be more appealing to men than cranky on top of fat.

I find myself at loose ends. There are things I need to do, primarily considering this job ending, but I find myself stymied. I believe I'll get a beer and enjoy some television and then I believe I'll go to Ego's. No good reason in the world for me to go there tonight but I just don't feel like hanging out at the house for hours.

No sleep, no food, beer. Great combination.

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