Saturday, Jun. 22, 2024 11:22 am

Porch Project Beginning

I'm a little bit sick. My brother-in-law got COVID again, my sister got home from our trip to our hometown and got sick with cough and congestion and fever, and now I've got something, too. Not COVID, thank goodness, but the congestion, cough, and feeling way run down. I think that happens to me a lot after a trip or a busy time when my body lets go.

We did have a wonderful time in the Panhandle of Texas last weekend. I went to the 50th reunion party on Friday night and got to see all my sister's old girlfriends and many older siblings of my classmates. I didn't want to do ALL the events so I didn't see much of my sister on Saturday. She went off to breakfast and I slept late and then walked to the museum. The Canyon museum is the biggest historical museum in the state and is very impressive. I walked around it for about two hours and didn't see it all. I was getting tired so I walked to the Toot 'n' Totum (the convenience store chain I've known all my life) and got some candy and snacks and a bottle of wine. Then the long walk back to the hotel. I lolled around, watched TV, slept for hours, watched more TV and drank wine, and then was surprised when my sister walked in just after 10. I thought they would be partying late, but she reminded me they are all close to 70 years old and those days are gone.

On Sunday we slept late and then drove around Canyon a long while. I don't know that my sister and I have EVER done that as adults. We drove by almost every little apartment and house we lived in during college and around the town square. We failed to get to the old schools or the new school, but we saw a lot. Then we drove the route we always took to go home from school. It has grown tremendously and there are housing additions and apartments all over the hillsides that were just prairie then. She hadn't been back to our house in a lot longer than I have. The additions keep encroaching closer to our house. It appeared no one was home so we drove around the house twice and pointed out all the things Daddy had built and put in place... barns, fences, a garage, the porch, the carport patio cover. It made us nostalgic, but I'm sure glad I don't have to take care of a property that big. Mom and Dad planted a lot of trees 60 years ago for it to look as shaded and sweet as it does now.

We ate at Sonic in town and hit the road, getting home about as quickly as possible, which was about 9 p.m. I had to be back at work Monday morning.

I did get a holiday on Wednesday for Juneteenth. I got outside and really worked over a small plot of garden and dug out every piece of grass in it. Took over two hours and was exhausting, but at least something got completed and it looks nicer. It probably was that work and breathing in mold and dust that made me sick more than the trip.

I've gone and buried the lede on my last two weeks, though! We got the permit for the porch on Flag Day, June 14, and they began work on it this week on the first day of summer, June 20. A young guy has been out there digging for two full days in the hot sun. He has dug trenches about two feet deep almost all the way around the porch, to be its foundation. He's not quite through, but they hope to pour concrete later this week. The porch is being built! I'm so excited and nervous, too. I've bought houses and cars, but this is the most expensive project I've gone through with decisions to be made. My contractor is a good guy and he's herding it along well.

Yesterday I talked to a coworker in Indiana I don't know well. We stumbled upon the fact that we both saw B.B. King in the Venetian Room of the Fairmont Hotel in Dallas in the 80s, very possibly the same show. So strange. That led me back to my 1987 diary to see what I was doing. I found that show (I went with a cool woman that was from Australia) and many others I'd forgotten. I had NO idea that I saw George Strait perform after a Rangers baseball game! I've seen him twice in Austin and I thought those were my only George shows. I also saw Willie at Billy Bob's. I know I've seen Willie in so many places I couldn't enumerate them all, but I didn't know I'd seen a big show like that at Billy Bob's. And I went to a Dallas Cowboys game I don't remember, and a Mavericks game I don't remember, and even a Sidekicks game (the soccer team of the day) and I don't remember. I was a very busy girl back then. Also saw the Oak Ridge Boys and Kenny Loggins and REO Speedwagon and Gregg Allman and the Fabulous Thunderbirds. Did NOT see, but tried to see CSN&Y and Randy Travis. And I went to lots and lots of baseball. And I had a lot more dates than I remember. Especially with Randy. I don't remember us going out or talking on the phone as often as we did. I was quite hung up over him then. Thank you God that didn't work out. I still know him and could pick up the phone and call him now if I wanted to, but he's an old sad bitter man now with no joy at all. Needless to say, prices were cheaper back then. I would note "dinner and a movie $7" or "Coke 50 cents." I commented on one extra good paycheck for $1800 or so!!!! I was in sales so it varied, but hell that's a lot of money and my paychecks aren't anywhere near that now!! Overall I was only making about $24000 a year, I think, but food and movies and concerts and sports were all cheap. My salary hasn't doubled since then, but the price of a baseball ticket has gone up by at least 5 times.

My sister brought me medicines and a covid test and food yesterday so I can lay low this weekend and just get better, I hope. It's too hot to work outside anyway, though I should put out a sprinkler maybe this evening. Too late this morning now. The rains we were having so constantly did end, just as I predicted and it has been bone dry for a couple of weeks now and no rain in the foreseeable future. Which is great - I don't want rain until the porch is finished. Then it can rain and I'll curl up on my porch and let it pour.

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